PRC Library’s Borrowing Procedures


1. Go to Librarika main page



2. Sign up for a Librarika account



3. Go to PRC Library’s website



4. Login to your Librarika account



5. Request access to PRC Library



6. Wait for confirmation for the member access request

7. Once received member access confirmation via email, you can search for books in PRC Library by using Search Catalog menu. To search, a type keyword in the search box (red arrow) and click search (blue arrow). You search results will then appear.



8. To borrow a book from the library, first check the book’s availability status by clicking at the book title for more information. Information on availability is at the bottom right corner of the information table (see the photo below). If it says “Yes”, it means the book is available and you can borrow it. If it says “No”, it means the book has already been borrowed by other members and you won’t be able to borrow it.



9. If the book is available, you can click “checkout” to borrow the book.



10. Put in the date in which you want to return the book. You can borrow up to 14 days.



11. Collect the book at PRC office in Bangkok. A copy of an ID card must be provided in order to borrow the book.

12. Return the book on the specified return date either by yourself at or by mail to PRC office in Bangkok. If you fail to return the book by the return date, overdue fee of 10 Baht per day will be charged.

13. You are allowed to renew books up to 14 days. Renewals need to be done via email at least one day before the return date. To renew a book, please send an email to [email protected], indicating the title of the book and the number of days you wish to renew it for. The librarian will confirm your renewal request through email.

14. If the book is out on loan to other members, you can reserve the book by clicking request and putting in the borrow and return dates. Your request will be confirmed via email.