We believe that it is possible to develop a peaceful settlement to all violent socio-political conflicts in which the disputing parties feel safe and acknowledged with respect to their particular set of grievances; whether they be rooted in identity (historical, cultural, linguistic, religious) and/or ideology.


PRC’s mission is to provide knowledge, expertise and skills to support the peaceful settlement of violent conflicts, particularly in the Deep South of Thailand/Patani.



  1. Create and maintain inclusive space
  2. Connect and work with potential changemakers
  3. Gather, produce, and disseminate information that will support the peace process



  1. Multi-partiality – PRC works with conflicting and stakeholder groups with due regard for the interests of all parties.
  2. Academic Integrity – PRC strictly adheres to academic standards and ethics. Knowledge is sourced, referenced, and verifiable.
  3. Independence – PRC’s operations and decisions are independent. Oversight and advice are provided by a committee composed of representatives from PRC’s 8 founding organisations.